Closure of Olney Headwear

Closure of Olney Headwear



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Olney Headwear has been synonymous with the production of high quality British made hats. Established in 1914 it has been a family run business and has successfully navigated its way through all sorts of challenges and reinvented itself and adapted to people's changing hat styles and requirements. David and Andrew Olney were the fourth generation to run Olney Headwear. However, very sadly they have now decided to close the business. 



The reason for me writing a blog about Olney Headwear is to pay homage to a great milliner and because I am very grateful to them. When I had the seed of an idea of selling British made rain hats, I rang up Olney Headwear and immediately I was encouraged. A wonderful sales representative came to my home and around my kitchen table we looked at various styles of rain hats. I was taken seriously and my enthusiasm for my idea was multiplied tenfold. From thereon we have had a great working relationship and I think that I must have sold hundreds of their hats by now. 

At the beginning I wanted to only sell waterproof hats, and Olney Headwear had the most fantastic selection. Such a range of styles and colours, classic to quirky. However, last year just as the pandemic set in and the sun shone for it seemed 6 weeks consecutively, I decided to sell sun hats too. Olney I realised made some great sun hats, so it was a joy to add them to my collection of hats.

Once we were told by David that they were closing, I bought as many of their hats as I could as I know that my customer base love them. 

So Olney Headwear fans, drumroll please for the hats that we still have, as listed below. Hurry whilst stocks last as they say!


Rain Hats











       Wax Explorer



      Wax Sports Cap 



Sun Hats 



So a big thank you Olney Headwear. You have been a fabulous part of the Rain Hat Collection and you will be missed. 

Click here to see all Olney Headwear rain hats

Click here to see all Olney Headwear sun hats


And to the Olney Headwear fans we are always on a mission to find quality British made rain hats. We have already gathered some very talented milliners and we endeavour to find more to give you hats that are on par to Olney Headwear. 

Please do take a look and be inspired by our British made womens rain hats