Best Spring Hats for Women

Peak and Brim Lucy Rain Hat - Rain Hat Collection


After a long wet winter isn't it lovely to hear the birds singing, days gradually getting longer and seeing early Spring flowers beginning to bloom.

If like me you have been wearing warm comfortable dark colours throughout the winter, I now feel like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon and want to appear brighter and beautiful! But what to buy and wear? I really don't know what to expect as we emerge from this lockdown. Will I be going to cocktail parties, do I really need glamorous dresses again?

But after much pondering I have the answer:


Buy a Spring hat!


It is a fabulous accessory that immediately adds a bit of glam to your look. Like jewellery it just lifts and finishes off your outfit as if by magic.

We are the Rain Hat Collection which means that all of our hats are suitable for the rain BUT that doesn't mean to say that they are only for the rain. Think of it as a beautiful hat with the added bonus of being waterproof. Brilliant!

The following hats that I have picked from our collection will instantly make you feel stylish. Hats can keep you warm when there is still a bit of of a chill in the Spring air and our hats being waterproof will keep you dry when those showers appear.



Top 5 Best Women's Spring Rain Hats for You 


       Andrea baker boy cap   


       Grace baker boy cap








All of our hats are lightweight, packable and come in an array of stunning colours. They are also made in the UK by some very talented milliners. Millinery is a craft that we are passionate about and are keen to see it thrive in Britain. The hats that we have selected are a testimony of quality British craftsmanship. 

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Enjoy Spring and the end of lockdown ...........