Be prepared for April Showers

Be prepared for April Showers

There is some truth to the weather lore that April showers bring May flowers, as April does tend to be a showery month, and the warmth of May soon follows.....

There is such a feeling of optimism at this time of year, as the days are getting longer, birdsong is more prevalent and blossoms are appearing. There is warmth in the sun, however, there is no guarantee that it will last!!! But looking at things in a positive light it means that when it rains it will help nature bloom and you can wear your rain hat! 

All of our hats look great even if its not raining but when it does you will have the added advantage of being kept dry. We have such a lovely selection of Spring  colour waterproof hats, they are bound to put a spring in your step. Sorry bad pun!


Kelly Rain Hat

“Bright cheery hat to brighten up the rainy days! As sizing is adjustable, it’s the perfect fit. Would certainly recommend.” Christine - verified customer



Grace Baker Boy Cap

"it looks fantastic, it’s very comfortable and is waterproof. The best thing is it doesn’t look like waterproof material. I’ve worn it everyday since I’ve got it.” Brigid - verified customer





Hannah Rain Hat

"Better than your average rain hat! Very pretty and a bit more dressy than you'd expect a rain hat to be. Love it " Anna - verified customer



Francis Rain Hat 

"I love the fact that it is collapsible and fits in my bag. All in all a fab hat.” K J - verified customer

I love this hat! I wish it would rain so that I can wear it, but in fact it looks good as a regular hat.” Sally R - verified customer


As you can see we have some lovely cheery colours for the Spring. So accessorise your outfit, look stylish but also keep dry should it rain.

All of our hats are British made, supporting small businesses and promoting true craftsmanship.

And we offer FREE UK delivery

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